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英国红茶文化(British Tea Culture)与中国武夷山红茶的渊源

    About in the 18th century 80 time, a man named Robert. The fortunes of British collector will tea tree planting seeds in a special glass of portable incubator, secretly zone on the Indian ships, so in India more than 100,000 cultivated plant saplings, forming a large-scale tea tea garden, and the resulting in Britain's black tea culture.
    Chinese tea in the western countries transmission kind of process, many countries only preach to the tea, and only in Britain truly formed a kind of culture, this perhaps with the unique cultural and British aristocratic taste relevant.
    The data makes clear, the world is the largest Irish drinking tea, annual per capita in ten kilograms or more. They love to drink tea, tea, scholar with tea helps students, friends, associating with friends say tea romantic, camellia fragrance everywhere. British card LinNa queen like drinking tea, and said that she tea is slim, British poet thus became a titled "tea queen", the poem in the poem wrote:
God goddess spoil subtle, Taiwan bay.
Laurel and subtle, difficult and tea than beauty.
For after a Sino-British, one for qunfang most.
Content was called the east soil, carry sense a warrior.
Help me think, Zhan however clear bother tired.
Christmas morning, curcumenol hin ZhuShouJie this thing.
    This poem wrote tea fine, tea spirit. Tea affects the British social stratum, the British in morning rises, drink tea, namely     earlymorningtea, for breakfast with black tea as the main drinks. Arrived at 11am (equivalent to Asia's at 10 a.m.), no matter you are free at home aristocrat, or busy office worker, all should rest a moment, drink a cup of 7-eleven's 's, they called it 11am around dinners. By noon, ate lunch later, not with a hot cup of tea. Later in the afternoon at 3 to 4 o 'clock and come, a cup of tea, they called it Hightea. The British in tea when must match on small round bread and cakes, sandwich etc snacks. Ordinary housewives are very good at doing this kind of cake, nor without formal dinner in tea.
    Once upon a time, the aristocratic afternoon tea always very cultured, in a large ZhuangYuan within the family together, be punctual qi to drink black tea is always an easy thing, so they shook elegant bell and with the sound of the bell to tell the family is in afternoon tea. English tea of exquisite, in addition to its special culture atmosphere, but it also has its unique, elegant tea, tea multi-purpose ceramic made, tea painted by British flora and flower pattern, the British the love for the nature show incisively and vividly. Tea set besides beautiful besides, still very strong, very collection value. A full set of tea usually includes a teacup, teapot, filter scoops, jar cream bottle, sugar pot, tea bell, tea towels, insulation cotton masks, caddy, hot kettle, tray, including a lot of more phyletic, the silver tray products, wood products or plastic products, etc, they like the tray on the shop a layer of bud silk, take the tray adorn very elegant, from little detail is to let you feel British elegant taste.
    Characteristic of black tea is a uniquely British culture, but also they entertained courtesy, in English tea ubiquitous, but as a Chinese, can still from tea to the aroma and GanMeiZhong characteristic out it is from eastern mannose, sniff out east mud aromas.
  参考资料:英国茶文化(British Tea Culture)   

 大约在18世纪80年代,一个名叫罗伯特.福琼(Robert Fortune)的英国植树采集家(The Tea Thief)将茶树种子放入一个用特殊玻璃制成的便携式保温箱中,偷偷地带上了开往印度的轮船,于是在印度培养了十万株以上的茶树苗,形成了大规模的茶园,并由此产生了英国的红茶文化。

       这首诗写出了茶的美好,茶的精神。茶影响着英国的各个阶层,英国人在晨起之时,要饮早茶,即earlymorningtea,他们早餐就以红茶为主要饮料。到了上午11点(相当于亚洲的上午10点钟),无论你是空闲在家的贵族,还是繁忙的上班族,都要休息片刻,喝一杯eleven's,他们称之为早上11点左右的便餐。到了中午,吃了午餐之后,少不了配上一杯奶茶。而后在下午3点半至4点左右还要来一杯下午茶,他们称之为High tea。英国人在喝茶时总要配上小圆饼和蛋糕、三明治等点心。一般的家庭主妇都很擅长做这类糕点,正式的晚餐中也少不了茶。



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